Rose Habib selected as consultant to Washington State Liquor Control Board

Rose Habib is proud to join the Botec Analysis Corporation team as a consultant and contributing expert in cannabis extractions, infused products and good laboratory practices.  Botec has been selected by the Washington State Liquor Control Board to aid in the development and implementation of the regulatory system for the growing, processing and retail sale of cannabis and cannabis infused products. We are proud of her!  Go to for up to date information regarding I-502 and Botec Analysis.

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Ground Breakers

In an article in this week’s Missoula Independent, two of Montana’s cannabis labs get the chance to explain their role in Montana’s burgeoning cannabis industry. And, some of the State’s most ardent opponents of medical marijuana have positive things to say about the work these pioneers are doing.  Read the article

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Kate writes fantastic editorial to our legislators

My favorite quote:

Good infrastructure starts with standards: standards for the product, the doctors and the way businesses operate. “Structure,” such as limiting licenses or business models, do not constitute standards. They address form, not content. Controlling the industry instead of making it qualitatively better will just make it dysfunctional in a new way. Imposing an industry model can lead to fewer businesses. But so can standards, and with standards you don’t just get fewer, you get better.

Read it all here:

and check out her blog

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CBD vs Aggressive Breast Cancer!!

Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco prove that Cannabidiol is highly efficient at fighting aggressive breast cancer.  As reported by NBC News.

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Common Sense

Let’s hope that science prevails over fear.  Physicians of Montana…TAKE NOTE.  Legislators…BE WISE LEADERS.

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Montana Medical Growers Symposium

Montana Medical Growers symposium was on October 10 and 11, 2010 in Helena.  Cannabanalysis Laboratories, represented by head chemist Rose Habib, was proud to be one of many speakers addressing the science surrounding cannabis. Other seminar topics included legal considerations, alternative ways to medicate with marijuana, how to operate a small business, and how to communicate with the public, the press and law enforcement.  The symposium was a GREAT success.  Congratulations to Jim Gingery (President, MMGA) and Hiedi Hanford (MT Connect Magazine) and many other contributors for putting on such a successful, professional, educational, and most of all WELL ATTENDED symposium.  Next years meeting will be even better.

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Click to Read

 In the summer 2009 issue of O’Shaughnessy’s, The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice, they explore the role of Cannabidiol (CBD) in some patient treatment.  Read about how CBD-rich cannabis strains are being discovered and what they can do for certain patients.  Also, look for the up-coming issue of O’Shaughnessy’s featuring a article about “Good Medicine”, Montana’s very own CBD-rich strain discovered recently by Cannabanalysis Laboratories.

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Work in Progress…

 This website is a work in progress!

We are currently developing a new  Feel free to look around!  Please check back regularly for new updates and features. Thank you for your interest!  Please email your comments and suggestions through the Contact page.

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